Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hugs from the Lord...

The other night after the kids were in bed and my wonderful husband was snoring away I stepped outside for my nightly conversation with my Lord in Heaven. I stared up at the beautiful starry sky enjoying the quiet night and told the Lord how much I loved him. Numerous times during our conversation I felt his arms around me, wound tightly just as real as if my husband or one of my children had wrapped their arms around me. I felt warm and at peace as I always do during these wonderful and enlightening conversations when my father holds me close and lets me feel his love on a higher level.

There have been times in my life where I shared these moments with others, telling them what they must think is crazy talk. Telling them about how wonderful it is to be hugged by God. Almost every time they tell me how impossible it is to be physically embraced by our father in Heaven. And each time and every time I reply to them "Impossible? Are you telling me you as a believer in the Lord honestly think he has never physically embraced you?" Typically they jump around things not quite knowing how to respond. If they say no, they are basically saying they don't believe anything they have been taught, if they say yes they sound as insane as I do.

But let me tell you my friends, if ever there was a day that our Lord in Heaven did not wrap his arms around you I will jump from the highest peak of the highest Mountain in the world to my death because my life is a lie. I can assure you that just as I feel the Lords arms wrapped tightly around me you can feel them wrapped just as tightly around you. I don't care who you are, where you come from, what sins you have committed he is your Lord, he is your Father just as much as he is mine and he loves you as much as he loves anyone.  To physically feel his loving arms all you must do is establish a real and true relationship with him. Go to him with your arms open wide, treat him as if he were the only person in your life who has ever truly loved you because he IS the only person in existence who knows what true love is in order to give it. God taught us all in the bible that no one in this world would love us as he loves us. That everyone especially our family and our friends will turn on us at some point in our lives. Sure our family might come back with open arms but the Lord God will never turn on us because he honestly COULDN'T turn on us! He loves us with such purity and honesty that it would be impossible for him to turn and deny us the love that we ask him for.  Even in times we feel alone he is with us, holding us together and keeping us strong. I know in my own life there are things I have been through that there is no way in the entire world I could have made it through alone.  It was with God's love that I came back to the reality that is this life the Lord has given me.

Like everyone else I struggle with daily challenges. Bills must get paid, jobs must be tended to, children must be nurtured and problems must be solved. I have a disabled child who presents her own struggle. But with each smile, each song she sings, each prayer she prays I know she is as perfect as a rainbow sent down from heaven to remind us how much The Lord loves us. She is my rainbow reminder, her and my other two precious Angels. My children are Gods physical manifestation of his love, just as are your children. God shows us in so many ways the love he has for us , all we need to do is be receptive to that love. It truly is THAT EASY.  God Loves you my wonderful and amazing brothers and sisters, embrace him as I have embraced him and your life will never be the same!

Love always,
Your Sister in God

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