Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturdays and Sundays

What day of the week do you celebrate the blessings and existence of God? Many people in this world disagree on which day of the week actually represents the holy Sabbath day, some celebrating on Saturday, some on Sunday. All over the world people debate the issue, some spreading hate amongst the people of God with something as little as a day that was commanded over 3,000 years ago. The argument over the real day has caused many people to turn their backs on religion with the idea of "If they don't even know the day then how can they know the truth." Trivial arguments such as a day are the very things the devil uses to sway us away from the loving arms of God and straight into the lying wake of Sin. Do you honestly think God cares if we celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday or Sunday? God surely understands the wide span of time between the words of the bible and the way of the land. God surely understands that days, weeks, time has changed into something completely different making it near impossible for us as mere humans to figure out the mathematics of a day of the week. If God laid hope that we would chose between Saturday and Sunday he would be so outraged that we each celebrated a different one and send a prophet to the earth to set us straight because that is how God works. He sees something wrong and he is quick to correct. But over the years God has not seen enough wrong to send us a prophet. If he has sent us one we are too caught up in each of our man made religious beliefs to listen to that prophet. However it is in fact my belief he has not sent a prophet because all of these arguments were settled the day Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. Why is it so difficult for Christians to understand an accept that Jesus died for all the wrong we may do in life? Including not celebrating on the correct day of the week whatever day that might be? In the end however, God just wants our love. He wants us to make up our minds which day is for us and rejoice in his name. Which day it was done 3000 years ago is not important to him. What is important to God is if we bother remembering him the other 6 days of the week. Do you, if you do remember him and rejoice in him daily then the correct day of the week should not even be an issue. If you truly rejoice in the Lord on a daily basis , even if unaware, you are rejoicing in the Lord on the correct day of the week. Did it ever occur to you that's exactly how God wants it? 

With Love Always,
Your Sister in Christ

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